Cynthia S. Malyszek, Esq. (Admitted to the DC Bar)

Head of Litigation

Cynthia S. Malyszek, Esq. (Admitted to the DC Bar)
Cynthia S. Malyszek, heads the firm overseeing all aspects of all three divisions, litigation, consulting and business development. As head of the litigation, Cynthia has over 30 years of experience of Government contract experience, litigating all types of government contract matters, such as bid protests, appeals to all the Boards and United States Court of Federal Claims. Cynthia is currently working from both our Washington D.C. office and our Los Angeles office splitting here time on each coast.

Cynthia has been successful in winning cases and awards for all size contractors, in their appeals and bid protests. Cynthia’s clients recently have been awarded over 100 million dollars in contracts over the past eighteen months in which she filed bid protests. Cynthia has also been extremely successful in settling and litigating appeals for her clients.

As law clerk, U.S. Federal District Court for the District of Connecticut for Magistrate Eagan, Legal Researcher for Law Professor Arthur Wolf on 3 Volume Treatise and Corporate Counsel for JMJ Contract Management, Cynthia had a well-rounded legal experience.

Cynthia also lectures on almost every government contract topic, to fortune 500 companies, small businesses, all types of industrial organizations and conferences.

One of Cynthia’s concerns when litigating cases is to ensure that her clients receive great representation without draining their financial resources. “Litigation has to be managed just like any other aspect of a business, we must balance the cost and benefit payoff for each action that we take in litigation.”

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