Contract Administration Issues 

What is Contract Administration?

Contract Administration is the job by government officials to ensure the contract's integrity from both the government's and contractor's point of view. Basically, it verifies how well the contractor and government have met the requirements set in the contract. This tracks the efforts performed by both parties from the genesis of the awarded contract to when the final actions have been completed.

Contract Administration takes different forms for each specific contract. The elements of the contract that changes the administering of the contract include:

  • Category of contract
  • Essence of the contract
  • Commitment of work force dedicated to the administration of the contract

Successful Contract Administration makes sure everyone is satisfied by the services of the contract.

What are the Contract Administration Issues?

  1. Compliance issues. Pre-emptive compliance planning, actions, and long term solutions.
  2. Not properly identifying potential problems before they arise.
  3. Small Business Compliance.
  4. Business Systems Review.
  5. DCAA and DCMA Audit support.
  6. GSA schedule compliance and reviews.
  7. Subcontracting management.
  8. Understanding the risks with each type of contract.
  9. Conflict and dispute management.
  10. Not understanding actions to profit on all types of government contracts.