Small Business Guidance

With over 40 years of experience, the Malyszek & Malyszek law firm can help guide you through the complicated and challenging process of starting your small business.

Within the first few months of building your business, you must make many crucial decisions. However you do not have to make all of the tough decisions on your own. You are responsible for your business, but you can always consult a mentor for advice. A mentor is successful, experienced, and willing to provide advice and guidance for no personal gain.

The following are some steps for finding a mentor for your new small business venture:

• SCORE Mentors—Sponsored by the Small Business Administration (SBA), SCORE provides free and confidential mentoring and advice to small business owners nationwide.
• Government-Sponsored Mentor Organizations—The government can offer a large deal of free resources and services.
• Women’s Business Centers—WBC’s provide business training and counseling with the needs of women entrepreneurs in mind. They are a national network of nearly 100 educational centers designed to support women who want to start small businesses.
• Small Business Development Centers—SBDC’s provide management assistance to current and prospective small business owners. Some SBDC services include financial marketing advice, counseling, and management guidance. SBDC’s are partnerships administered by the SBA between the government and colleges.
• Minority Business Development Agency—MBDA advisors help minority business owners gain access to market research and general business consulting.
• Veteran’s Business Outreach Centers—VBOC’s provide veterans with entrepreneurial development services such as business mentoring.

Some trade associations operate mentor-protégé programs that provide guidance to help you build a business. Business owners might be connected with multiple mentors for a more rounded experience. Most industries are represented by trade associations, as well as ethnic groups, genders, and business types.

If your small business intends on selling products to the federal government, you may need specialized mentorship. The General Services Administration (GSA) offers a Mentor-Protégé Program that is designed to encourage prime contractors to help small businesses participate in government contracting. The SBA also has a Mentor-Protégé Program for beginning small businesses.

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