Pre Awards

What are Pre Awards?

Pre Awards are any Bid Protests that must be filed prior to a contractor's submission of their bid to any government agency.


Why are Pre Awards important to us?

Usually, protests often focus on Post-Award challenges to an agency’s assessment. There are many commendable protest grounds that must be raised prior to the closing date. 

Malyszek & Malyszek assists protesters in classifying viable Pre-Award bid protest allegations.

The most common Pre Award grounds are the following:

• Inclusion Of Improper Clause Or


• Failure To Include A Mandatory Clause Or Provision

• Unduly Restrictive Solicitation Provisions

• Improper Bundling Of Requirements

• Ambiguous Solicitation Provisions

• Unreasonable Evaluation Method Other Than Full & Open


• Lack Of Consideration

• Small Business Issues

• Negotiation vs. Sealed Bidding Preference For Multiple Awards 

• “Out Of Scope” Task Order

• Use Of FSS Contract For Non-FSS Purchase

• Limitation On Proposal Revisions 

• Changed Requirements

• Improper Disclosure Of Proprietary Information

• Bias

• Improper Cancellation Of Solicitation