Small Business Issues & Size Protests

Since 1967, Malyszek & Malyszek has given special attention to the needs of small government contractors. Small contractors have to be much more preventive when it comes to identifying potential problems and if performance issues due arise they must resolve them before they endanger contract performance of future federal business.

Congress has authorized a number of programs that are designed to assist small businesses in the procurement process. All the programs are under the general supervision and control of the Small Business Administration and are promulgated by the Small Business Act, 15 U.S.C. §631 et seq. Under this Act, the SBA establishes small business size standards, rules on size appeals, and is solely authorized to make determinations that a small business is not a responsible contractor. The Act also establishes a number of business preferences for small businesses, including “set-aside” programs and programs to assist in small business subcontracting.

“By hiring Malyszek & Malyszek we ended up with great consultants and lawyers that help us increase our contract from 13 million dollars to 21 million dollars due to agency issued defective specifications. They did this understanding the constraints of my small business.” 

Paul G. (Owner of an 8(a) Small Business)

“The amount of work, attention and care they have given us to help work through our issues was as if they were doing it for their own company.”
- Doug J. Small business Owner

Malyszek & Malyszek handles all types of small business issues such as:

  • All Compliance Issues.
  • Small Business and Small Disadvantaged Business.
  • Hubzone, Veteran Owned, American, Indian and Alaskan Native- Owned, 8(a) certification and relating issues.
  • Joint-Venture, Mentor-protégé, Teaming Agreements.
  • Subcontractor –Prime contractor issues.
  • SBA Issues.
  • Labor Standards.
It is federal policy that a “fair proportion” of Government contracts and subcontracts be placed with small businesses, 15 U.S.C. §631(a). See also 41 U.S.C. §252(b), and 50 U.S.C. App. §468(a).