About Us

“Our firm believes that our clients should not leave money on the table. We identify and protect our clients’ right andabout-us-primary.png use every means possible to settle disputes without the need for litigation by using clauses already in their contract. Finally, we help our clients maintain their position in the federal market place.” Walter J. Malyszek (founder)

Malyszek & Malyszek practices exclusively on behalf of Prime and Subcontractors in all areas of Federal Government Contract matters and proceedings. Our firm is unique, we focus entirely on Government Contracting, it’s the only thing we do. Every realm of federal contracting is within our practice and experience, from business development and proposal writing to consulting during contract performance, preparation and negotiations of contracts, requests for equitable adjustments, claims, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), bid protests and appeals litigation.

Walter J Malyszek, our founder started the firm in 1967 and Malyszek & Malyszek is still family run after 45 years, as Cynthia Malyszek  (admitted in DC) now heads the firm and the litigation division, Robert Malyszek, (not an attorney) heads the consulting division and Gary Malyszek  (not an attorney) heads our business development division.

Malyszek & Malyszek has helped Government Contractors from the United States and around the world resolve Government contract issues and disputes without the need for litigation. However if litigation is necessary, our attorneys have been litigating against the Government since 1967.

Malyszek & Malyszek is unique in that we have separated our practice into three divisions, Litigation, Consulting and Business Development. Each division is distinct in that each has its separate goals, yet all are overseen by our firm’s lawyers. Yet our team works together to bring the insight of each expertise to each individual issue that will set a course for your current and future government contracts. Our business development department and consultants work closely with our litigation department to ensure that current litigation has a limited impact on our current or future contracts.

Our firm is divided into three divisions Business Development, Consulting and Litigation.

Litigation – Malyszek & Malyszek has been litigating for Government Contractors for over 40 years, and is one of the oldest Government contract litigation practices in the nation. We take appeals of any issues to all of the Boards of Contact Appeals, United States Court of Federal Claims, General Accountability Office, and Small Business Administration. We do both pre-award and post award bid protests, appeals of terminations for default, appeals of contracting officer’s final decisions, request for equitable adjustments and claims.

Government Contract Consulting – Our consulting division consults on any and all aspects of federal government contracting, until the need for a federal government contract attorney is needed or there is litigate. As consultants we help navigate our clients through contract performance to avoid potential problems that if not addressed would lead to litigation, default and even suspension or debarment. If performance problems do arise we help you address the problems early. For example pre-award issues, mitigating the risks involved in every contract, requests for equitable adjustments, claims, costing issues, small business issues. 

Business Development – We help contractors with all types of marketing to the Federal Government from making sure that you have the right contract vehicle in place to writing proposals. For example GSA schedules Joint ventures, mentor-protégée programs, 8(a), Hub zone, Veteran Owned, Veteran owned disabled, women owned, small business and any certification requirements needed.

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