Federal Contract Development

Doing business with the U.S. federal government is an appealing outlook, considering it is a market segment with over $500 billion in yearly spending. The process of securing federal contracts can be daunting. Most companies begin by completing basic registration requirements (DUNS, CCR, ORCA) and then jump into reacting to bids posted on FedBizOpps (also known as FBO.gov), a website where government agencies post federal contract opportunities.

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To better manage the large quantity and broad range of federal contract opportunities on FedBizOpps, companies should review the vendor user guide and conduct market research to narrow their scope to one to three agencies. Most agencies will post information on their website concerning how to do business with them. Use this information to determine how the agency usually procures products and services. Federal contracting offers an immense opportunity for vendors in all industry verticals, from infrastructure projects to I.T. projects to the vast assortment of business services needed by those in the federal government.

By law, federal agencies are required to establish contracting goals such that 23% of all government buys are intended to go to small businesses. Contract goals are established for women owned businesses, small disadvantaged businesses, firms located in HUBZones and service disabled veteran owned businesses. They are important because federal agencies have a legal obligation to reach out and consider small businesses for procurement opportunities. It is up to you to market and match your business products and services to the buying needs of federal agencies.

Selling to the Federal government is similar to selling to the private sector. While federal procurement procedures may have different sets of rules and regulations, many of the same marketing techniques and strategies you already employ may work here. Use your common business sense. Get to know the agency and understand the context in which your product or service could be used.

Retrieve available information on past awards, quantities, costs, and awarders. Become known to potential purchasers. Before going forward, take a moment to think about your company's products and services. Take a close look at your company and consider what the government will look for when considering your company for a contract award. Financial status, staff capabilities, and track record are all of concern to the government.