Terminations (Convenience or Default)

  • Numerous Reversals of Improper Default Terminations into a Termination for Convenience with Costs.
  • Multi-layered corporation and subcontractor based Terminations for Convenience claims.
  • Past Performance Evaluation Record: Reversal of a negative Past Performance Evaluation on behalf of the contractor based on non-contractual governmental actions by the agency.
  • Defense Contractor: REA: Negotiation and settlement of a multi-million dollar REA claim prior to any litigation with a global settlement of 90% of its 3 claims.
  • Helped a major defense firm manage over 60 subcontractor’s termination for convenience claims on a terminated major defense program.
  • Submitted an REA than a termination claim that was over the original contract price. Recovered the additional dollars over the contract price because the agency increased the scope of the contract.