Business Development

As specialists in U.S. Government Contracting for over 40 years Malyszek & Malyszek has the expertise, knowledge, and experience to substantially increase U.S. Government sales for any size company. Whether a small startup company that has yet to enter the U.S. Government market, or a large multi-national company, we have the ability to increase your share of the Federal market.


U.S. Government Contracting is a very important way to increase your overall business. As the largest buying organization in the world, the federal government represents a huge market for your company. We can effectively and efficiently become your Business Development and Marketing arm for Federal sales.

Utilizing different rules and regulations from the commercial sales world, the federal market can be a complicated place to do business. Working within this procurement process we can develop and market your products and services to effectively tap this market. If your company desires to sell its products or services to the federal government we can and will work with you to produce the best situation and the best position for your company to achieve outstanding results.

Malyszek & Malyszek Consultants work in the following areas:

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