Government Contract Seminars & Events

Malyszek & Malyszek has been giving Government Contract Seminars to Government contractors since 1973. It is our belief that the more information and knowledge that Government Contractors have, the more opportunity each contractor has to avoid costly performance and administrative issues. Many of our clients that have been deep into litigation or other costly issues often state that “if we would have known that back then” our company could have easily reached better resolutions.



•Inflation Relief for Government Contractors 

A webinar when you complete it your company will have a recovery plan based on your contract. 
Government Agencies are all addressing inflation issue, either by being more open to requests for equitable adjustments, economic price adjustments  or granting terminations for convenience. Some actions may put the contractor at greater risks later in the contract.  

"Our problem was overwhelming. During the workshop, the attorneys and consultants helped us put together a step-by-step plan that included detailed response letters that we were able to submit to the Government along with each step if needed. The complete action plan took about 60 days to implement and resolved our issues." Austin James

1. Contract Type Review
Fixed Price
        Cost Plus Fixed Fee
GSA Schedule/Supply Schedule
Contracts with Wage Determinations
Not-to-Exceed contract ceilings
2. Summary of DOD & Agencies Actions Related to Inflation
3. Differences between using REA's, EPA or a T for C.
4. Other FAR Guidance
5. Request for Equitable Adjustments and Claims Format.
6. Risks of using an EPA.
7. Cost or No Cost Termination for Convenience.
8. Questions & Answers
9. Consultant Or Attorney Contract Review​​


• New Webinar series starting this Summer. 

In-house Seminars:
We also provide in-house seminars to companies requesting a specific topic or have lectured them on their current contracting issues. Please contact us if you have further questions.