Walter J Malyszek, our founder started the firm in 1967 and Malyszek & Malyszek is still family run after 45 years. ​Robert Malyszek (not an attorney)heads the consulting division and Gary Malyszek (not an attorney) heads our business development division.
  • Litigation Support:

    Litigation Support

  • Robert J. Malyszek: Head of Government Contract Consulting

    Robert J. Malyszek

    Robert J. Malyszek, as a non-attorney has headed our Consulting Division for the past twelve years. Robert has worked with the firm since 1992 prior to attending law school. Once he graduated law school Robert attended George Washington University’s Master of Law program for government procurement, which he is currently working on his post-doctorate thesis. Robert has over 18 years of experience in consulting government contractors.

  • Gary C. Malyszek (Not an Attorney): Business Development

    Gary C. Malyszek (Not an Attorney)

    Gary C. Malyszek, has headed our Business Development Division, for the past 10 years. Gary has helped all types of contractors increase their government contract sales. Gary is one of the best in his field, and he has taught his team how to best position a company to maximize their government contract sales. Gary also excels at arranging all kinds of strategic alliances to allow companies to expand their opportunities for bidding. Teaming, joint-venture, Prime-Sub relationships all allow for bids that are extremely competitive. Developing bids for companies all over the world and combining the expertise both U.S. and non-U.S. companies Gary maximizes both the opportunities and the competitiveness of each and every bid.