Government Contract Consulting

We challenge you to present us with a problem in which we cannot find a solution!

It is the mission of our Consulting Division to help manage on going pre-contracting and contract performance issues before they escalate. Our main goal is to keep our clients out of trouble and to ensure that our clients don’t leave money on the table in regards to their Government Contracts.

Our consultants are used in just about every pre-litigation issue that may arise during the formation of a government contract or during contract performance. Consultant fees are recoverable as a part of most settlements and they are easier to recover from the Government than legal fees.

We ensure this by utilizing the clauses that are a part of ever government contract that allows ongoing discussions between the government and contractor. Every attempt should be made to keep disputes and potential disputes in the contract arena vs. the legal arena.

“We have hired Malyszek & Malyszek’s as consultants for our REA, than claim against the Government, after working with them over the past few months it took to negotiated and settle the claim we learned a great deal on how to handle the agency, and how to prepare and write REA’s and claims. Throughout the process Malyszek & Malyszek helped educate our whole team, it was the best money we have ever spent and it’s still paying dividends.” (Doug J. Government Contractor for 30 years).

Malyszek & Malyszek Consultants work in the following areas:
Contract Administration
Malyszek & Malyszek Consultants focus on the immediate and daily needs of contract administration to effectively administer federal government contracts on behalf of the contractor.

Such tasks include: the instruction and training of entire contracts departments; alert all company staff in pre-problem awareness, and recognition of increased costs; establishing normal operating procedures in contract administration to eliminate potential contractual problems; assistance in maintaining excellent working relationships with the Government.

“Malyszek & Malyszek’s unique combination of consulting and litigation expertise has helped our company become a more successful and stronger Federal Contractor. They use their litigation experience to help us steer clear of the dangerous and common pitfalls most of my fellow federal contractors had learned the hard and expensive way.” Tammy F.

Small Business

For small businesses, in essence, we become your Contract Administration Department giving you the same advantage and clout as a large prime contractor. While your company is growing, you save the extra personnel costs and gain efficiency for future contracts, and gain expertise in order to organize your own Contracts Department in the future. Or if your company has a Contracts Department already in place, we instruct, train, assist, and oversee administration activities in conjunction with your contracting arm to allow more effective Contract Administration procedures.

For any size company doing business with the federal government, for new government contractors, or for the experienced government contractor, it is essential to have a full claims awareness to avoid potential problem areas or to remedy those that exist.


Malyszek & Malyszek’s contract administration and claims awareness includes areas such as: 

  • Contract Analysis
  • Opening Firm Fixed Price contracts
  • Doctrine of Liability
  • Measurement of contracted versus actual performance
  • Claims awareness for Contracting Departments
  • Production and Engineering personnel
  • Quality Control
  • Finance personnel

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