Government Contract Litigation Consulting and Management

MalyCon is one of the few Government Contract Consulting firms in the country with a sole focus on Federal Government Contract matters. We focus on every aspect of contracting with the U.S. federal government for companies nationwide and overseas.

Supporting every area of Government Contract litigation such as:

            1. Appeals-Disputes

a. Boards of Contract Appeals

b. United States Court of Federal Claims

                c. Civil Board of Contract Appeals

                d. Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals

                e. U.S. Postal Service Board of Contract Appeals

                f. GAO Board of Contract Appeals

                g. FAA Office of Dispute Resolution for Acquisition Cases

                h. SBA Hearings and Appeals

                i. Contract Disputes

                j. Prime Subcontract Disputes

                k. Fraud Defense

                 l. SBA Size Protests Defense

        2. Alternatives to Litigation

                a. Office of Federal Procurement Policy

                b. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

       3. Bid Protests

a. Pre-Awards

b. Post-Awards

c. Agency Level

d. General Accountability Office Protests

e. United States Court of Federal Claims

f. Bid Protest Defense

                g. Bid Protests for Contractors

                h. The Decision to File a Bid Protest

                 i. Contract Award Protested FAQ

                 j. Recent Successes

4. Requests for Equitable Adjustments (REA’s)

a. Change Orders

b. Constructive Change Orders

                c. REA Example

                d. Claims Awareness

5. Show Cause Letter

6. Cure Notice

7. Terminations for Convenience

8. Terminations for Default

                a. Potential Impacts

                b. Potential Signs of Default

                c. Show Cause or Cure Notice

        9. Late Non-Payment Issues

                a. Remedies for Delayed Payment

                b. Interest - Interest Penalty

                c. Prompt Payment Act

                d. Fraudulent Claims Payment Civil Fraud

                e. Criminal Fraud

      10. Department of Labor Issues

      11. Litigation Other

                a. Small Business Issues Size Protests

                b. Costing Issues Defective Pricing

                c. Government Contract Compliance

                d. Suspension Debarment

                e. Qui Tam Proceedings

                f. GSA Schedules

                g. Joint Ventures Teaming Agreements

                h. Intellectual Property