Terminations for Convenience

Every government contract (or subcontracts) holds a termination for convenience clause. Every contractor should know and understand the possibilities of receiving a termination for convenience to make sure you obtain all things you are entitled to in the termination settlement process.

Malyszek & Malyszek will help you:

  • Identify the areas of cost recovery in all areas you are entitled too.
  • Help you in the preparation, submission, and negotiation of the termination settlement proposal.
  • Aid you in receiving an equitable and just settlement from the government or customer.
  • Supply you with the needed information on the most recent alterations to government procurement as they relate to terminations for convenience.

Although you may not receive the amount of profit you had expected, as a terminated contractor, you do deserve reimbursement for all permissible out-of-pocket costs and may receive a sensible profit.