FAA Office of Dispute Resolution for Acquisition Cases

The Office of Dispute Resolution for Acquisition (ODRA) is the single, statutorily designated committee for all contract disputes and bid protests under the FAA’s Acquisition Management System. The ODRA dispute resolution process knows that it is in the best interests of the FAA and its private sector business partners to work collaboratively to avoid and voluntarily resolve acquisition-related disputes in a timely and reasonable manner.

The ODRA uses a variety of dispute avoidance and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques to the maximum extent possible. For those matters that can’t be avoided or resolved through the use of ADR, the ODRA provides an efficient, flexible, and transparent resolution process under the authority of the Administrative Procedure Act.

More than 900 cases have been filed with the ODRA over the past 16 years. Roughly 90 percent of all contract disputes and 65 percent of all bid protests have been resolved in the ADR process without an adjudicated decision. Of the more than 124 pre-dispute matters handled by the ODRA in that period of time, only 3 percent have required adjudication.

The FAA’s dispute resolution process has been recognized as a leader in the public contracting field. In 2008, the ABA Section of Public Contract Law recognized the ODRA for “a decade of excellent service to the public contracting community by advancing the use of alternative dispute resolution as a means to resolve bid protests and contract disputes.” In 2011, the ODRA was recognized, by the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, for the contributions of ODRA personnel to the development of a contract award challenge program for that organization.

The FAA has received the Office of Management and Budget’s Outstanding ADR Program Award for its innovative and effective ODRA Program.

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