Joint Ventures and Teaming Agreements

As a small government contractor, working with other businesses may be crucial to successfully compete for and perform federal government contracts. Government contracts joint venture agreements and teaming agreements can improve your competitive capabilities. But they must be done right, or you could lose your contract to a successful SBA size protest. That’s where Malyszek & Malyszek can be of assistance.

A joint venture is a business relationship entered into by two or more independent business units to create a new partner relationship for a specific purpose. Each member provides management support for the venture, invests capital in the venture, and participates in the profit or loss of the venture.

A teaming agreement is a prime contractor/subcontractor relationship agreed upon prior to the submission of a bid proposal for the purpose of working on a project as a group or team. Commonly, any teaming arrangements are made known and eventually become part of the bidding process.

Both relationship types are used in contracting at the state, local, and federal levels. Both offer businesses the opportunity to compete on projects that would be missed otherwise. Both teaming arrangements and joint ventures give small businesses the chance to contract with government agencies for larger projects. Both offer distinct benefits to the businesses involved as well as to the contracting agency. Deciding which relationship type is most appropriate in a given bidding opportunity may be the difference between winning or losing the contract.

The Malyszek & Malyszek law firm has been practicing government contract law for over 40 years. At Malyszek & Malyszek, we focus on all aspects of contracting with the U.S. federal government for companies nationwide and even overseas. Malyszek & Malyszek can help with your government contract matters and rulings involving these relationship types. Call Malyszek & Malyszek today to learn more about our government contract law legal services.