Suspension and Debarment

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Suspension and debarment actions prevent individuals and companies from participating in subcontracts, government contracts, grants, loans, and other assistance programs. Suspension and debarment protects the government from doing business with individuals, companies, or recipients who bring a business risk to the government. The effect of suspension and debarment by a Federal agency is government wide.

Suspension may be based on theft, forgery, bribery, indictments, evidence involving environmental crimes, embezzlement, contract fraud, poor performance, non-performance, or false statements. It is a temporary action which may last up to one year and is made effective immediately. Suspension is adequate evidence.

Debarment may be based on contract fraud, theft, convictions, cases involving environmental crimes, forgery, embezzlement, bribery, poor performance, non-performance or false statements as well as other causes. It results in the obligation of a set time period decided on a case by case basis. Debarment is multitude of evidence.

The debarment and suspension measures are intended to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse in Federal procurement and non-procurement arrangements. Debarment or suspension of an organization or individual from doing business with the Federal Government is not intended to be a punishment. It is meant to be a procedure to ensure that federally-funded business is conducted legally. The General Services Administration (GSA) preserves the list of parties that are suspended, debarred, or excluded from doing business with the government.

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