Show Cause Letter

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A show cause letter is an order by a court that requires an individual to appear and provide reasons why a particular action shouldn’t be allowed or performed. It provides the date, time, and location of where the request will eventually be made.

A Show Cause Order (SCO) states that an individual make a court appearance to explain why the court shouldn’t take an anticipated action. In the event that the individual does not appear, action will be taken by the court. If you wish to oppose the order to show cause you may prepare an Affidavit in Opposition.

Courts use orders to show cause when the judge needs information before deciding to issue an order requested by an individual. For example, the judge will typically issue an "Order to Show Cause Re Contempt" to the party accused of being in contempt of court; at the hearing the judge will take evidence from both sides. An order to show cause is a temporary order because it is never the first or the final action in a legal action.

A judge may include a Temporary Restraining Order in the show cause order as long as the matter is pending before the court. If the rejoining party fails to refute the prima facie case, evidence sufficient to establish a fact if uncontradicted, made by the applicant at the hearing, the court will grant the relief wanted by the applicant.

If you have been served a show cause order and wish to ask the court for relief of your own, you may bring your own Order to Show Cause. Tell the clerk that you want your Order to Show Cause heard on the same day as the Order to Show Cause that is already scheduled; if there is enough time, they can be scheduled together. You can also schedule a cross-motion for the same day as the Order to Show Cause hearing.

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