Gary C. Malyszek (Not an Attorney)

Business Development

Gary C. Malyszek (Not an Attorney)
Gary C. Malyszek, has headed our Business Development Division, for the past 25 years. Gary has helped all types of contractors increase their government contract sales. Gary is one of the best in his field, and he has taught his team how to best position a company to maximize their government contract sales. Gary also excels at arranging all kinds of strategic alliances to allow companies to expand their opportunities for bidding. Teaming, joint-venture, Prime-Sub relationships all allow for bids that are extremely competitive. Developing bids for companies all over the world and combining the expertise both U.S. and non-U.S. companies Gary maximizes both the opportunities and the competitiveness of each and every bid.

The key to this is knowing how to read solicitations and be able to determine what the Government is looking for, Gary’s team has a talent that at times know better what the government is looking than the government. “I have seen this business development team take my competition from a startup company/government contractor to ten million in government sales in less than three years, now I am a client, and they have helped me land our first five million dollar contract.” Greg M. Hubzone contractor.

Gary works with all size companies increase their government sales.

Gary has helped companies with but not limited to the following:

• 8(a) Certifications
• Hubzone
• Women Owned Businesses
• Veteran Owed
• Small Business
• GSA Schedules
• SBA Compliance issues
• FAR Compliance issues
• Proposal Writing & submission
• Proposal Review
• Size Standards for the SBA
• Past Performance issues
• Opening up new Agency Markets
• Foreign Companies wanting to sell to the U.S.
• Decline in Government Sales
• Tracking Individual Agency Acquisition Planning
• Identifying potential sources
• Finding Mentor – Protégé partners
• Subcontractor opportunities
• Joint Venture partners /Teaming /Prime-Sub Relationships
• Start ups
• Medium size contractors
• Major Contractors
• Compliance Issues

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