An Executive Level Seminar & Workshop: 
Contractors Rights in Federal Government Contracting

Location: Las Vegas
Date: August 22ed & 23rd 


Strategies for Inflation Effect on Contract Performance 


This seminar and workshop have been designed primarily for Government Contract and international contracting executives to evaluate and implement the most profitable business strategies when dealing with the Federal Government.   

The more knowledge contractors have regarding their rights in Federal contracting the more likely they can avoid costly conflicts with the Government.

Join us for an informative two-day seminar and workshop for companies working with the Federal Government or engaged in international business, regardless of years of experience.

Our Speakers have over thirty-five years’ experience in Government Contract Consulting, International Contracting, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Litigation. Our speakers bring their vast experience to contractors to resolve the simplest to most complex contracting issues or questions. Our speakers’ practice is limited to Federal Government Contracts and International Business Transactions. 

Day One - The Seminar Topics   


  • Contractors Guide to new administration changes and establishing a new approach to the regulations. 
  • Costs & Profit Recovery in all Types of Contracts
  • Implementing Company Wide Procedures to Resolve Agency/Contractor Conflicts
  • Defending from Terminations for Defaults
  • Successful Bid Protest Strategies and Defending Contract Awards When Protested
  • Maximizing Terminations for Convenience
  • Updates in Regulatory Changes in the FAR and recent Case that will affect contractors
  • Defending and preventing both civil and criminal False Claims Actions
  • Special Issues When Contracting with the U.S. Government Outside the United States


Day Two - The Workshop 

  • The workshop includes a one-on-one session with your company.
  • We help implement individualized contracting action plans tailored to your company’s needs. We can cover any Government Contracting or cross-border contracting issues from business development, contract performance, contract close out and dispute resolution techniques.

We challenge any contractor to present us a contracting issue we cannot provide a solution.  Malyszek Consulting , has been guiding Government Contractors to successful contracting performance since 1967.  


I have been involved in Government Contracting for over thirty years and have attended many government contract seminars, this was the best.  The workshop helped us individualize an action plan for our company’s individual issues.”   Austin James, FSA Entertainment Inc.  

"Our problem was overwhelming. During the workshop, both the attorneys and consultants helped us put together a step-by-step plan that included detailed response letters that we were to submit to the government along each step if needed. The complete action plan took about 60 days to implement, and resolved our issues."  Doug Johnson 


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Who Should Attend: Presidents, Owners, CFOs, Executives, CEOs, Managers, Government Contractors. 


Cost: Single Attendee $1,295, or up to three attendees from the same company $1,695.00